Escape Your Debt Disaster

Premium Online Course
  • This course will explain the dangers of debt, outline the UK’s and the personal debt disaster that many people find themselves in.
  • It will help you understand why you don’t need debt, how to get out of debt and how to get your money sorted, so you can live a prosperous and financially stress free life.
  • It will provide valuable guidance, ideas and encouragement to help you escape your debt disaster!

Building Your Path to Prosperity

Premium Online Course
  • Bringing to life the teachings of the book ‘Your Path to Prosperity’, this premium online course will teach you how to manage your money and enrich your life.
  • Going into depth on the 12 key lessons to prosperity, this course will be provided online in video format, with worked examples, bespoke study material and Q&A sessions.
  • This course is currently in development. Register your interest today to obtain an early-bird discount.

Take Control of Your Retirement

Premium Online Course
  • If you are over the age of 50, it is essential to start planning for your retirement. This course teaches everything you need to know to start your retirement planning and how to manage your own finances in retirement.
  • With Financial advice typically costing many thousands of pounds, this course will prove to be a great investment into securing your future and will help you take control of your own retirement. Make sure you are fully informed and aware of the options available.
  • Don’t leave the quality of your retirement in someone else’s hands!

Finance Under 30

Premium Online Course
  • Expanding on our core teachings from our first course, this unit provides in depth lessons relevant to anyone under the age of 30. It will give examples of typical transactions and decisions that a young person will face, your options available and what to consider to help you come to a decision applicable to your own life.
  • This course is expected to be available summer 2016. Please register your interest to obtain an early-bird discount.

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