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The benefits of a diversified investment portfolio

With the uncertainty of the future, changing local and global economies, political upheaval, and unpredictable and sometimes unstable financial markets; our savings are always at the risk of some form of loss. Savings kept in the bank can assure the security of your...

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The simple way to avoid debt at Christmas

Spend less than you earn. Don’t spend money you don’t have on things nobody needs. These tips, like many aspects of managing money, are rather simple, and yet I can guarantee there will be thousands, perhaps even millions, who ignore this sound advice and get...

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Do depressions no longer exist?

Rather than dealing with the issues created by decades of ever increasing debt, we appear to prefer a policy of denial and repetition of the same mistakes. Our politicians and central bankers appear to be playing a modern game of hide and seek, as poorly played by...

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7 steps to financial freedom

Here are the 7 steps to financial freedom: 1. Avoid debt like the plague. If you are in debt you owe your time and labour to someone else. You are a serf. To have financial freedom you need to be free from debt. 2. Spend less than your earn. Spending more than you...

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Inheritance Tax Allowance

The inheritance tax allowance is important when planning to mitigate your inheritance tax liability. In simple terms, it's what the government allows you to pass on tax free, with everything in your estate above this figure subject to inheritance tax when you die. But...

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IHT nil rate band

Inheritance tax is payable in the UK when the value of your estate (property, money and possessions) are above a certain limit. Anything below this limit is known officially as the IHT nil rate band. It is known as the nil rate band because inheritance tax within this...

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Common types of investment risk

Successful investing rests upon understanding, accepting and managing the various types of investment risk you face. The decisions we make today have to interact with the future before we know whether the correct decisions have been made; i.e. whether we have...

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Financial vs. personal decisions

The best financial decision isn't always the correct one to take. Your personal decisions need to reflect an understanding of your finances, but a commerical reality isn't the only reality to consider. Your personal decisions need to be unique, based on your life's...

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Don’t Outlive Your Money

How much is enough for your retirement? Many people often think about this but few take action to address it. Research indicates that us Brits are one of the world's worst at saving for retirement. The average British worker saves less than £1.80 a day for...

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Mind The Yield Gap

In this article I will discuss the yield gap. Taking higher investment risk requires the reward of higher return, otherwise who would ever invest in the riskier activities? Just because the theory makes sense, it doesn’t necessarily translate to you actually being...

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What mid life crisis?

We've all heard the joke about people having a mid life crisis. That guy in their forties and fifties who goes out and buys a convertible sports coupe or Harley Davidson are labeled as going through some form of mid life crisis – but for the vast majority of people...

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