Knowledge Creates Wealth

Forthcoming e-book titles to help you manage your finances

Your Path to Prosperity

Think you will have a safe and long career like your parents?

Think you can simply buy a house and that will take care of your future?

Think again.

This book outlines some ideas for how to create and build your own prosperity in the 21st century.

It will illustrate the world’s greatest investment, show you how the rich keep getting richer and how you can too.

Don’t delay, start your path to prosperity today.

Britain's Debt Disaster

The entire country, at every level is sinking in a quagmire of debt.

This book outlines the mess we are in, breaking the problem down and explaining the specific issues caused by the following types of debt.

  • Housing Debt
  • Consumer Debt
  • Government Debt

Debt at every level of the economy has left us in a truly fragile position;  it’s a complete debt disaster.

Don't Lose Your Shirt

Are you worried about the risks involved when investing?

This e-book will explain the various risks of investing and show you how they can be managed, mitigated or avoided.

There are many different types and definitions of investment risk, but the main risk comes from investing without knowledge and understanding.

Don’t invest without understanding all the pitfalls that can await you.

Don’t end up losing your shirt.

Wealth Beyond Borders

This e-book explores the importance of global diversification. It discusses political, geographical, economic, legal and currency related reasons for doing so.

It will show you how to diversify your wealth globally and the challenges and opportunities this presents.

It’s not just a book for expatriates, but for people who wish to ensure their finances are not put at risk by taking an insular, restrictive, single country approach.

The world in the 21st century is globally connected and integrated; make sure your wealth is managed beyond borders.

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