Your Pension Review

Is your pension on the right path for your chosen retirement age?

Are you looking to review your pension arrangements?

Are you just looking to make sense of the paperwork you have received, or consider what options you have available?

If so, then why not have your pensions reviewed by an independent financial adviser.

An independent adviser can help make sense of your pensions and review them to take account of the following features:

  • Full charges review and outlining the effect of these charges over the lifespan of the investment. Charges can have a huge impact on how much actually ends up in your own pension at retirement.
  • Investment risk and allocation review to ensure your funds are invested in keeping with your own personal objectives. If you haven’t made active choices with your pension, you often find that you will have an off-the-shelf investment, much like many of your current or former work colleagues. Investment should always be made on a personal basis with full consideration of your own personal views and objectives, timeframes, risk profile and financial capacity.
  • Full explanation and disclosure of special features. Many older contracts have unique terms that are beneficial to you. They are often hidden in pages of confusing paperwork so we can explain these in clear English.
  • Understand what pension options are available in retirement from your current scheme. Some pensions only offer limited terms from their own plan, but other plans offer the full range of options in retirement, allowing you to take income in a way suitable for you.
  • Consideration of whether consolidation will be helpful for you. Sometimes, people have multiple plans and find it difficult to keep up to date with their pensions. Other times, it is beneficial to keep more than one pension arrangement running (e.g. complying with auto-enrolment or diversification of plan provider).
  • Service standards and administration efficiency. No single provider offers the same customer service standards, ease of administration, or online functionality.

An independent financial adviser can help you discuss your pensions and review them to ensure they meet your own personal aims and objectives. For a review of your pensions, and perhaps your wider financial planning requirements, get in touch with me today.

The purpose of Small Acorn Money is for financial education and information. Your Pension Review is a professional and personal service provided by myself, Mark Underdown, acting as a regulated and Independent Financial Adviser with Paragon Independent Financial Advisers.

Paragon Independent Financial Advisers is a trading style of Paragon Independent Limited. Paragon Independent Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and entered on the FCA register under reference number 440589.

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