Your Retirement Plan

At retirement, you have some big life changes to make and you also have several financial products and options available for your pensions:

  1. Lifetime Annuity
  2. Fixed Term Annuity
  3. Flexible Annuity
  4. Drawdown
  5. Combination of the above
  6. Tax-free cash as immediate lump sum, gradually or in stages
  7. How much income to take or whether to leave the funds to grow.

Each of these have their different features, benefits and disadvantages. Your Retirement Plan will help you understand your retirement options as well as help plan your overall finances ready for you to enjoy your retirement.

Your Retirement Plan consists of the following steps:


  1. Financial Appraisal – Establish your needs and objectives, Risk profile and financial capacity, health and life expectancy.
  2. Outline your options so you understand the product choices available to you.
  3. If you select an annuity style option, completion of fully independent research to select the right type of annuity with the most competitive provider.
  4. If you select drawdown or continued investment throughout retirement, then we will complete a full investment process to establish your personal investment portfolio and calculate a prudent withdrawal rate from your funds and outline review parameters to keep this on the right path through your retirement.
  5. Help and assistance with all required application processes and paperwork.
  6. Ongoing review

The purpose of Small Acorn Money is for financial education and information. Your Retirement Plan is a professional and personal service provided by myself, Mark Underdown, acting as a regulated and Independent Financial Adviser with Paragon Independent Financial Advisers.

Paragon Independent Financial Advisers is a trading style of Paragon Independent Limited. Paragon Independent Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and entered on the FCA register under reference number 440589.

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