The Paper Empire. The EU and your chance for Freedom

The EU has built the world’s first paper empire and intends to expand it’s influence over your lives and into other territories.

With the forthcoming referendum on 23rd June gripping everyone’s attention and taking our focus away from more productive and enjoyable past times, I thought I would outline my personal views on the EU.

I expect the title gives away my view on this subject, but a headline can never provide a detailed explanation of where I stand.

This isn’t necessarily an attempt to tell you how you should vote; there’s enough of that going around (okay so maybe there is a little persuasion in here). It’s simply an explanation of my personal views on the EU based on my own understanding of history and current events. I think it’s important to share my views of where I stand on these matters as so much of your prosperity is unfortunately dependant upon politicians and prevailing economic ideology.

The Paper Empire

So why do I call the EU the paper empire?

An empire is 
an extensive group of states or countries ruled over by a single monarch, an oligarchy, or a sovereign state.

So the EU isn’t necessarily an empire in the traditional dictionary definition, but it is a large group of countries ruled over by a very small group of individuals in Brussels.

This small group of people is apparently meant to understand the economic and political needs of roughly 508 million people, incorporating 28 different countries and 24 different languages.

The rules put out by these bureaucrats aren’t optional. They are dictating the lives of all of these varying groups of people and are ruling us all by Diktat. I say diktat because how could any rule be popular within a group of 508 million different people, and frankly, there are so many regulations, directives and laws that no one even knows what comes out of Brussels, let alone is capable of understanding and judging whether they support it or not.

This is why it is a paper empire. They have centrally pooled a large amount of power and influence over European countries simply by issuing an ever-expanding amount of red tape.

This is the first time in history that an empire has been built without resorting to military means. They’ve invaded our laws and our businesses using bureaucratic means rather than sending in the troops to take control of nations. We’ve even wilfully allowed them to gain some of this power via voting, but most of their power has been taken without any consultation with the populations in European countries.

The ambitions of an empire

No empire has ever stood the test of time. They all collapse. It’s just a question of how and when. The history of the world can be simply summarized by a constantly changing map, with people trying to gain influence and control over others, and those people trying to take back their own freedom and control.

Britain had an empire that collapsed. Rome had an empire that collapsed. Russia had an empire that collapsed. The USA is an empire over the states located in North America (and influences many other regions of the world) and one day the USA will collapse. China is an empire over its region and that will also collapse. As I said before it’s just a matter of how and when.

Unfortunately for all of us, empire builders tend to be extremely arrogant and driven by their own egos and feelings of superiority, so they will never listen to those questioning them, their abilities and the wisdom of their policies.

All empires want to expand their power base. Thus they are always looking to expand their sphere of influence, whether that is over the existing population within their empire, or attempting to bring new land and people under their influence.

You can expect to see new laws and power transferred away from Britain to the EU and you can also expect to see more issues in Eastern Europe as the EU attempts to gain a stranglehold of that region and expand it’s territory.

As a side note, go and look at a map of the world and look where Ukraine is. On viewing this map, do you really believe Russia’s government are the bad guys here (i’m not saying that they’re the good guys though), or is it Washington, NATO and the EU attempting to expand their power and influence? They will continue a policy of demonizing Russia so they can gain control over the last remaining eastern regions. Perhaps eventually they will even turn their attention to Russia itself.

All empires overreach their ability to control a region and keep the population happy and I see no reason why the EU would be any different. Dissatisfaction has been growing for years and the EU continues its expansion into people’s lives and over further territories.

The ambition for power in the EU paper empire will continue until the day it collapses. Hopefully for the sake of the UK, Europe and the world, its collapse is not too far off.

The alternative to the EU Paper Empire

The alternative to handing economic and political power to a minority in Brussels is to take back control of our own sovereignty, policies, trading agreements and economy.

We have good relationships with much of the world and contrary to Obama’s threats, we could have free trade agreements in place quite quickly, including with America and the EU.

Let’s take the USA as just one example.

Do you really think the numerous businesses that trade between the UK and the USA (the USA export roughly $44Billion worth of goods and services to the UK, and roughly $51Billion worth of business goes the other way) would allow a few idiot politicians to stand in the way of billions in trade and so many jobs?

This is just scaremongering and interfering from politicians pursuing their own ends; they’re not trying to help you.

I do believe that we should pursue free trade with Europe and the world, but that can be achieved quite quickly and simply; we don’t need to be a part of a political empire to be able to trade with other nations.

Your chance for freedom

The referendum on 23rd June is perhaps your only chance to leave the EU peacefully and under our own terms.

Of course there will be some disruption and change, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s far better to get out now on our own terms than to go deeper into the EU’s clutches. The EU project will eventually collapse due to it’s own overreach into too many countries and too many people’s lives.

Worryingly, no empire has previously existed that hasn’t pursued militarily means to maintain and expand its influence over others, before it’s eventual collapse. My hope is that being the first empire of this world that was created without military conflict, it can also be the first to collapse without resorting to such levels of destruction.

Any collapse of the EU will of course be chaotic and disruptive, but we have a chance to get out early and refocus our trading with the whole world on terms that we negotiate, build businesses free from EU red tape, create jobs for our largely unemployed youth and most importantly, be in control of our own future.

With this freedom comes responsibility. Taking control of our future doesn’t guarantee that the future will be bright and rosy. When the future is in our hands, we are responsible for what that future looks like. We will need to make sensible decisions, prudent investments and ambitious innovations, to name just a few of the many factors affecting our future prosperity.

Throughout the history of the world, so many have gone to war to earn freedom. We have a chance to regain it peacefully through a referendum.

Make no mistake, this will be the only chance you have to elect to be free from the EU – they don’t want you to have this vote and they will not give you another opportunity. In the future, the only way of escaping from the EU will be when it eventually collapses, or from a more physical uprising.

It’s all entirely avoidable on the 23rd June. You just need to vote for freedom.

This is a little different from my other money musings. I feel that our prosperity can be improved through the pursuit of liberty, free and competitive markets, limiting government’s role and influence in our lives and each of us concentrating on creating better goods and services that we freely trade with each other. Unfortunately, there are too many who don’t believe this and therefore it’s important to concentrate on your own prosperity and take control of your own wealth.

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