Are you ready for challenging conversations

I have no intention of disagreeing with you during your financial planning process. However, you are paying for independent thought and unbiased counsel.

An important part of this is challenging conversations, and playing devil’s advocate on occasion to test the strength and reasoning behind your views and positions.

It’s important to outline alternative views to ensure you are certain about your financial choices.

If you don’t go through this process, where exactly is the benefit of paying for the services of a professional?

If someone tells you everything you want to hear (often to obtain a sale), why wouldn’t you just save the fees and make your own choices?

The overlooked value of paying for unbiased and professional advice, is having someone who is prepared to tell you that your ‘baby is ugly’.

The phrase means if I see something in your finances that should raise alarm, I will sound that alarm, outlining my reasoning behind my concerns.

We can then have constructive discussions and debates about what may be better choices towards your own personal goals, and you can ensure that the decisions you take are truly from a position of full understanding and control.

You’d be surprised how often people say they want a certain goal or that they think a certain way; yet their finances do not accurately reflect this.

If this happens to be you, I will tell you so for your own financial wellbeing (ever so politely, of course).

Get in touch today for a personal, independent, and comprehensive financial plan.

Mark Underdown | DipPFS IMC CeMap

Financial Planning Consultant


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