Watching TV: Free markets vs. the state

The elected and unelected rulers of nations are granted the power to impoverish its citizens. Unfortunately, all too often, they exercise this power. It’s therefore important to dissent against the forces of confiscation, manipulation and control that can prove so detrimental to your wealth. Therefore on occasion, I’ll write about wider political issues that I see from my own libertarian, free market, capitalist perspective.

Here’s what the BBC should stand for; Bullies, Bureaucrats, Cronies.

The arrogance and bullying of this organization is astounding and should have no place in a free and prosperous society – which of course the UK is anything but.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that TV licensing is neither appropriate, nor provides good value for money, and yet it is the system enforced upon anybody who wishes to watch television, even if they have not the slightest interest in the content produced.

Personally, there is some content I love, such as Top Gear, Match of the Day and anything with David Attenborough. But watching broadcasted television rarely fitted into my life on a regular basis, so I didn’t want a TV Licence.

In a free market, if you decide you didn’t want a product or service, your choice would be the end of the matter.

But not in Britain. In this country of oppressive bureaucrats, if you do not take out a TV license you will be bombarded with what can only be described as hate mail and threats to obtain one, with even the apparent authority to enter your home to ‘prove’ you do not watch TV.

Imagine receiving a letter from Tesco saying that because you haven’t shopped at their store recently they will forcefully enter your home to make sure you haven’t been shopping at Asda.

These are some excerpts from TV licensing attempts at ‘selling’ their TV service to households that don’t want it.

What you need to know about the enforcement process. 

  • We can apply to court for a search warrant to gain access to your property
  • An Officer can take your statement under caution, in compliance with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
  • You risk a fine of up to £1,000, in addition to legal costs

Compare this to Virgin or Sky’s attempts at convincing you to take out their own TV service.

They send you colourful and glossy brochures explaining how they have obtained the best content available, such as movies and sports. Explain how you can watch and record it at your own leisure, and usually try to package it together with other products or special offers to entice a purchase.

If at any point in the sales process a representative of these companies were even slightly rude to you, let alone threatening, customers would be up in arms and publicly complaining (and rightly so).

Yet TV Licensing are able to carry on in such an intrusive and bullying manner?

Surely from this simple example it should be obvious to even the most delusional communist that free and competitive markets result in a more pleasant and favourable outcome for the public?

But no, any attempts to change the status quo are arrogantly slapped down as you shouldn’t criticize ‘auntie’ and thus if you wish to watch some television you’ll be enforced to pay for a left wing media outlet to pollute the population with propaganda.

Something as simple as TV should be such a trivial matter that it doesn’t even warrant discussion, however the prevailing situation raises serious concerns.

Most notably, if we cannot even dismantle the media power of these bureaucrats, how on earth are we to tackle all the numerous issues caused by the government and its cronies?

Issues such as manipulated and centrally controlled banking, excessive government debt, stifling legislation, time wasting bureaucracy, costly and dangerous wars and fraudulent money creation, to name just a few of far too many to choose from.

Unfortunately, politicians and governments have a very large detrimental influence on your wealth. I believe that publicly promoting freedom may eventually help you to enhance and maintain your wealth, but in the meantime, it is essential you take control.

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Mark Underdown | DipPFS IMC CeMap

Financial Planning Consultant


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